Welcome to my blog. I’m not sure why you are here, or why you might be interested in my blog, but I welcome you none-the-less. My name is Natalie and I started this blog a couple of years ago as I was moving through the final stages of completing my doctorate in the creative arts at the University of Technology Sydney. It will now take on a slightly different focus as I aim to discuss contemporary popular media from both a fan and academic perspective.

My research is in media studies, more specifically in transmedia, which is the spreading of a story or experience across multiple media platforms (Film, TV, web etc.). My main interest is in how transmedia, as a mode and system of storytelling provide new spaces for marginalised audiences to share their stories and find positive representation. My doctorate includes a theory-based dissertation, and a creative component comprising of a feature film screenplay, a storyworld document, an alternate reality game and an interactive web experience.

If you would like to know more, or read some of my research please check out my Academia.Edu Page

You might also like to check out my podcast, which I will be starting soon via Podbean

Alternatively you can contact me via the form below. Thanks for stopping by!

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