191 Days and Counting

Today’s blog is proudly brought to you by my good friends at YouTube. Now whilst I normally spend my YouTube hours procrastinating with what academics refer to as ‘disposable content’, I actually found some fantastic new¬†videos that discuss screen media. “Why is this relevant to me?” you might ask, with which I would reply, “well … More 191 Days and Counting

195 Days and Counting

The guest lecture went pretty well the other night. I was able to get through the content in under an hour, and then the discussion/Q&A went for almost another hour. It was an interesting experience discussing transmedia with budding screenwriters as some had known of the concept before, but didn’t realise the extent to which … More 195 Days and Counting

202 Days and Counting

Ah, Thursday… Wednesday-Hump-Day’s lazy cousin. I’m actually sitting here trying to remember back to what I did before lunch. Thanks to yesterdays blog about burritos, I couldn’t help myself – I had a burrito for lunch! Before lunch I did manage to write my abstract for the upcoming faculty research student conference. So that is … More 202 Days and Counting