154 Days and Counting

I have read a couple of great blog posts over the past couple of days about the final stage of completing a doctorate and the various conflicts that emerge throughout this perilous journey. The Thesis Whisperer is a great blog for anyone studying or researching, with a lot of helpful tips, stories and resources available. … More 154 Days and Counting

180 Days and Counting

Today was spent reformatting and editing my thesis reference list and literature spreadsheet (been at it for about 8 hours now). I have used Zotero for storing my bibliographical information (and have tried Endnote and others) but even when you export the entries, there are always errors, no matter which software you use. So I … More 180 Days and Counting

182 Days and Counting

Yes, it has been over a week since I last posted. It’s school holidays here in Sydney, Australia and so I have taken the time to get caught up on some much needed life tasks, including some gardening (planting veggies) and spring cleaning around the house. My family is traveling to Sydney next weekend to … More 182 Days and Counting