100 Days and Counting

I am officially down to 100 days and it’s safe to say that I am feeling more than a little anxious.

I'm probably fine
Luckily, I finish teaching this week and so have the next 3 months to really focus on the thesis. The only problem is… I don’t know what I’m writing about.

Don't Know

That is… I’ve gone around and around in circles over the past 6 months, that I really need to decide what my focus is. I have completed the creative component (screenplay and storyworld), and am now trying to piece together the theory component. I have so much to talk about and only 30,000 words to say it in. Essentially I have to make the decision now in order to move forward with the thesis. I spent some time over the weekend going through my work but more will be done on Wednesday!

I have put together a plan of attack for the next month, given that I am going to be away over Easter and then again at the end of April. I have tried to be as realistic as possible in what I can and should achieve over the next month in order to complete everything on time. But, as has happened in the past, this usually doesn’t pan out the way I planned, so I have tried to break it down into small achievable weekly goals.

So I would like to take this opportunity to warn those in my life that I will be somewhat absent (if not absent-minded) for the next few months. With only 100 Days to go, I know I will be living at my computer, drinking copious amounts of caffeine, and probably going greyer by the day. I have tried to remain present in people’s lives and keep my priorities in check (family and friends come first), but now I will have to sacrifice that important part of my life in order to get this thing done.

I will still be playing baseball, which means that Sundays will still be my day off (everyone needs a mental health day), but aside from that you can expect to find me (hopefully) typing away in my study/fortress of solitude. I’m weirdly looking forward to just sitting and typing, without having to juggle other responsibilities. I know I am lucky in that respect – I don’t have children or pets to care for… and my partner can take care of herself for the most part!

So here’s to a productive 100 Days ahead!



One thought on “100 Days and Counting

  1. You and I are feeling exactly the same way. Know that I am here with my fingers fused to the keyboard. That I am also procrastinating, trying to keep family happy, trying to stay sane.


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