110 Days and Counting

For those who were unable to attend the Women’s Gaze and the Future Feminist Archive panel presentation a couple of weeks back, the video of our session is now available, thanks to Sian Bates (cinematographer) and Margot Nash (editor).

Keeping on the feminist theme, Australian comedian Judith Lucy has created a new 6 part ABC series, Judith Lucy is All Woman.

It’s a great series that analyses the current state of feminism and addresses some important issues around gender inequality. For those who have known me, even if only for a little while, will know that I am a loud and proud feminist. Much of my research and creative practice focuses on inequality. It is refreshing to see a series like this that will hopefully reach a wide audience and bring these issues back to the forefront of public discourse. You can watch the 6 part series on ABC iView here.

The finale song rallies some of Australia’s finest women singers (Deborah Conway, Ella Hooper, Bertie Blackman, Justine Clarke, Vika and Linda Bull, Rebecca Barnard and Monique Brumby, Liz Stringer and Lisa Miller) for a modern rendition of Helen Reddy’s feminist anthem I Am Woman. Watch it here.

So another huge thank you to all the powerful feminists (women and men) in my life. Thank you for being the role models I needed growing up to believe that I could do anything and be anyone I wanted. Thank you for giving me the courage and strength to stand against society’s gender inequalities – to stand against those who would tell me to dress a certain way, sit a certain way, speak a certain way, or behave in a certain way. I am woman… hear me roar!


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