119 Days and Counting

Well the past 2 weeks went by extremely quickly.. I blinked and took a breath, and now here we are! I have been incredibly busy, but as a result have many exciting things to share…

The Women’s Gaze panel went very well and it seemed like those that attended (over 120 at least) enjoyed the discussion around feminist filmmaking. The panel was part of the larger Feminist Film Archive symposium and was held at the Art Gallery of NSW. A beautiful venue to bring together artists! The panel was filmed and it will hopefully be made available to the public soon, for those who were unable to attend, but nevertheless interested in the topics we discussed. It was a great session and a delight to be a part of. The feminist filmmakers from the 1970s are truly an inspiration to me and it was a honour to be asked to discuss the relevancy of their film work in contemporary feminist research and practice.


For those in Sydney who are interested in seeing some of these films you can head over to the SCA Gallery and see them as part of the larger art exhibit. The films include:

  • Film For Discussion (Martha Ansara with the Sydney Women’s Film Group, 1973)
  • We Aim To Please (Robin Laurie and Margot Nash, 1976)
  • Maidens (Jeni Thornley, 1978)
  • My Survival as an Aboriginal (Essie Coffey, 1978)
  • Size 10 (Sarah Gibson and Susan Lambert, 1978)
  • For Love or Money (Megan McMurchy, Margot Nash, Margot Oliver and Jeni Thornley, 1983)
  • … and my little web series The Newtown Girls (Elyse Horne, Emma Keltie, Natalie Krikowa, 2012)

The SCA Gallery is located at the Sydney College of the Arts, Kirkbride Way, Rozelle.
The exhibition runs up until Saturday 28 March 2015. So I encourage you all to go and see it!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Gibson
Photo courtesy of Sarah Gibson

In other exciting news, 12 of the 13 books I purchased a few weeks ago have since arrived and made their way onto my desk at home. I haven’t yet had a chance to read them, but will have more time in the next couple of months to do so.


I am also working on an educational film for a colleague of mine from London on Ageing, Agency and Technology. More to come about this project in the coming weeks – but needless to say, I am incredibly interested in the research area and am excited about the film.


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