133 Days and Counting

I finally got around to completing my tax returns (from 2012 and 2013) and thankfully I received a lovely tax refund. So I did what any respectable (usually-broke) student would do… I bought books. 13 of them in fact. Some new, some used (where possible). I won’t confess what I will be spending the rest of the money on but I can tell you that I have been wanting to buy some of these books for a long time, so I feel a bit like a kid at Christmas.

Whether they are on my Kindle, or collecting dust on a bookshelf, books are a way to escape the every-day. And it doesn’t matter if they are fiction, non-fiction, or academic texts, books provide me with a ‘somewhere else’, a ‘something else’ or maybe even an understanding of a ‘someone else’. I love the new knowledge that books provide. I love that someone spent a long time crafting that book and traveling that tumultuous journey to getting it published. I respect that effort and hope to one day publish something myself.

Every single book on my many shelves has a memory attached to it. I can remember where I was when I first read it and the experience I had reading it. One day I would love to share these books with my children, or others, and they too will make their own memories. Ebooks cannot provide this – they can’t be passed on or passed down. My Kindle is great to travel with and my iPhone lets me play music, learn Spanish and play games. This is not necessarily a bad thing in my mind, and I am just as passionate about digital media as I am with traditional media – like the good old printed book.  Yes, our media consumption is becoming more and more Internet based, as we increasingly stream music and download television and films and listen/watch them from our mobile devices, but I don’t think (contrary to popular belief) that the age of the printed book is coming to an end. I personally believe that there will always be special place in our hearts for the printed book.

In case you were curious, these are the books that I bought (some I have already read but want to own, some un-read and intriguing):


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