139 Days and Counting

I find it hilarious that my last post was over 2 months ago and the main topic of that blog post was a blister on my finger. It would seem, to readers, that this blister resulted in my inability to type indefinitely, as the blog posts ended, and presumably so did my thesis… Thankfully that is not the case. The blister healed (within 12 hours) and I continued with my doctoral thesis… but I got so incredibly busy and distracted that I stopped blogging. I hope to remedy that situation starting now but also need to explain why the title of the post (with the days remaining until submission) has not decreased by two months.

So, the deadline for my submission has been pushed back to July. There are a number of reasons for this which will be briefly outlined below.

  1. My supervisor is on leave until July, and we agreed to wait until her return in July to submit the thesis for examination. Luckily I will still have some access to her brilliance to help me with my writing, as well as a wonderful alternate supervisor to be my point of contact at the university when I need someone to look at something, or help with other study stuffs.
  2. December, January and February have been taken up with another project I am involved in for International Women’s Day 40 year celebration. I am participating in a filmmakers panel at the Future Feminist Archives symposium being held at the Art Gallery of NSW on Friday March 6th. To read more about the program of events see their website.
  3. I am working on an educational video for Ageing and Technology looking at social agency, ageing well, and the designing of technology for the ageing population. This project is an important one for me as it is a research area I am very much interested in exploring further.
  4. I am teaching again this semester, but have cut down my hours to allow for more dedicated thesis time. I will be teaching Multiplatform production, and Sound and Interaction (the digital interaction part, anyway). I really enjoy these two subjects, particularly converting non-multiplatformers to the world of transmedia/multiplatform.

So whilst the submission date has been postponed a couple of months, I am still well on track to have it completed on time (before the end of the year). I also intend to blog more often – maybe not every day, but hopefully every couple of days to once again document the process of the final days of thesising*.

*made up word – but I’m allowed!


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