157 Days and Counting

Today was spent re-writing my screenplay (for my thesis). I had let it sit for a couple of months and had just jotted down notes/ideas when they came to me. So today I re-read the script and made some changes. Act II still needs some work, and there’s some technobabble that requires a little more scientific exploration/explanation, but otherwise I am really happy with where the story is at. The screenplay is essentially the catalyst for the transmedia project which also involves significant online content and community formation. Many of the characters we meet in the film show up in other mediums, such as the ARG (alternate reality game), web series and interactive comic. I now have to re-write parts of the Storyworld document to now reflect those changes and add in some of the character and environment designs (thanks to my lovely concept artist, Nichelle Nolan). I will hopefully have some designs to show off soon, as I am beginning to add it all to the website. Tomorrow’s task is to get stuck into more chapter writing.

This image sums up my feelings about my progress to date…

Now, thanks to Jo, I am going to go and do some push-ups and sit-ups… maybe lift some weights.
Damn warm days and ice-cream (and chocolate… and…)


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