165 Days and Counting

It’s been 15 days since my last post. I have not achieved much as far as my doctoral work is concerned, mainly due to having family in town, then getting sick, then catching up on other web design work.

Having my family in town to see Wicked was such a fun, yet fleeting time. We got to hang out a little and just catch up, which was so lovely. My grandparents don’t travel to Sydney – I think they said it had been about 15 years since they were last here, so I was just so thankful that they and everyone else came up/down. Sadly they were not here for nearly enough time. The following week I battled headaches as I had a terribly stiff neck and was withdrawing from a caffeine addiction. Time really does fly, even when you are not having fun.

I started feeling a little better yesterday, so managed to get back into the work. As I was not feeling all that creative I read some articles again and wrote up some of my chapter on storyworld development. It is the 4th chapter of my thesis and looks at previous and current ideas around the art of world-making (world-building/storyworld design etc.), and its implications/uses in transmedia practice. It’s actually one of my most enjoyable chapters to write (and hopefully read) as I discuss some fun case studies.

Today I have begun sorting through my files and getting myself set up for what I am hoping will be a far more productive week. I am hoping to have the next draft of my creative work finalised by the end of the week. After the Stage 2 Assessment a few weeks back, I have taken on board some of the comments and as new ideas sparked, I have made some changes to plot lines, characters and the ancillary texts surrounding the feature film. Given that the creative work is worth 70% of the thesis, I want to ensure it is the best it can be when it is time to submit (which according to the title of today’s post is 165 away). My aim is to have a full draft of the entire thesis completed by December 18, which is only 9 weeks away. So that’s a chapter a week to complete… doable? I am not sure, but I will certainly try. And in the meantime, I can always look at this and smile:

I love huskies… and miss those I grew up with. R.I.P. Toyah, Kya, Maverick, Lysander, Tarsha, and Dinali)
In the words of Wicked, “I know I’m who I am today because I knew you”


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