198 Days and Counting

Well, you have probably seen that there have been a few days of not posting. This was due to my terrible immune system and subsequent cold. I spent the entire weekend migrating between the couch and bed, watching re-runs of 24 and NFL and College football. Not terrible ways to rest up and wait it out.

Today has been a much more productive day. I have completed my guest lecture for tomorrow, which will hopefully be more exciting than it appears in Google Presentation form. I will attempt (in one hour or less) to give an overview of transmedia storytelling from a screenwriter’s perspective. Discussing everything form media convergence and retroactive vs. proactive transmedia design, to building storyworlds and audience interactivity and participation. I am actually really looking forward to the lecture. As someone who is passionate about writing, and not just screenwriting, I am hoping to encourage other screenwriters to think beyond the screen and see the potential in other media platforms. The skills of storytelling are transferable, but there are often significant technological barriers that can often get in the way. Often writers for other media platforms, be it games, augmented reality/locative media, websites and social media etc. need other skills or collaborators in order to execute their stories – just as screenwriters need to know how a film is made (and often collaborate with filmmakers) in order for the screenplay to function effectively in that medium. These are all concepts that I continue to investigate in my own creative practice as well as my research. I just hope it comes across as intended!


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