202 Days and Counting

Ah, Thursday… Wednesday-Hump-Day’s lazy cousin. I’m actually sitting here trying to remember back to what I did before lunch. Thanks to yesterdays blog about burritos, I couldn’t help myself – I had a burrito for lunch! Before lunch I did manage to write my abstract for the upcoming faculty research student conference. So that is done and submitted and will be revisited in November the week prior to the conference date.

Since lunch I claim I was somewhat productive. I had many of my important thesis documents open for the majority of the afternoon. I moved some headings around and typed a few dot point ideas here and there. I had a highly productive ‘meeting of the like-minds’ with my fellow HDR-er, Jo. She was at home (self-reportedly in her pyjamas), I assume sipping on tea and watching the birds outside her home-office window, whilst I was holed-up in my uni’s windowless research lab on the other end of the call. It’s always refreshing to talk to Jo, even for the simple fact that I don’t feel alone at this final stage of my doctorate – that there is another who looks at her blank Word document and feels a sickening panic rise and fall with every breath. Just so you all know, this is how I like to picture Jo:

But given the description she gave, I feel this may be a little accurate. It’s funny though, when you tell people you are a research student, that this is the image they conjure up of your daily routine. We sit around smiling, sipping on tea, readings some things, but ultimately living a carefree existence. You might be somewhat frightened if you saw how we really look – and trust me when I say that we always look better than we feel – so that’s saying something.

Ultimately the meeting was fruitful. We discussed our progress (or lack thereof) and set ourselves small goals to be completed by next week. Mine were to complete my presentation for the Stage 2 Assessment I have coming up in two weeks time, and write the guest lecture I am giving (also in 2 weeks time) to an advanced screenwriting class at my university. It’s hoped that this new additional level of accountability will help keep us on track to completing our doctorates on time. I know we can do it… we have to, right? It’s far too late to turn back now!


One thought on “202 Days and Counting

  1. If only I could add a more accurate picture. My pyjamas are actually grey trackies teamed with a stained t-shirt (probably a tea stain from the copious cups of tea I drink). I refused to use the video skype link because I was too embarrassed to show my writing face. My home office is surrounded by papers I’ll never read and notated articles that I can’t find and I need that chick from Better Homes and Gardens to come around and colour-coordinate it for me, but if she did I’d probably staple-gun her to the chair because she is so irritating. And they weren’t birds outside the window but one of my children who has resorted to peering through the curtains in an effort to grab my attention. But yes, it was a productive meeting and it is great to keep in contact with others on the same critical/creative journey 🙂 Jo.


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