204 Days and Counting!

As I enter the final stage of my doctorate – the writing up of the thesis – I wanted to document the process. The blogging of my ideas, feelings and concerns will hopefully be interesting, if not entertaining, later on in life. I imagine myself in 10 years time thinking back at how stressed I was, at how I doubted myself on too many occasions, and having a little private giggle – things always seem difficult at the time, but in hindsight were only made difficult by our attitude. So this blog will endeavour to keep me honest, keep me sane, keep me positive, and keep me on track to completing the goal I have given myself – of completing my doctorate by March 2015.

“Exceed Expectations” – those other may have of you, and those you place on yourself!

Inspirational Image of the Day: Gina Davis kicking ass at baseball!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.45.57 am


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